Air Canada Poster

Client: Niagara College(school project)  
Project Deliverable:
Adobe Illustrator, Procreate


What I did

This is a concept for an Air Canada promotional poster, aimed at enticing travellers to embark on a remarkable journey to the captivating destination of Havana, Cuba. This concept was born from a photograph taken on a trip to Havana, serving as a profound source of inspiration for the ensuing digital illustration.

Imbued with a vibrant and vintage aesthetic, the poster seeks to evoke a sense of nostalgia while encapsulating the allure and vibrancy that Havana exudes. The font and colour choice has been carefully considered to transport viewers to the enchanting streets of Havana, where history and culture intermingle to create an atmosphere unlike any other.

The digital illustration showcases the iconic cars and unique charm that await travelers in Havana. The meticulous attention to detail and artistic techniques employed in creating this artwork aim to ignite the viewers’ imagination, inviting them to envision themselves strolling through the colorful streets.

Allow this poster to transport you to the heart of Havana, where the vibrant streets pulse with life, the vintage cars, experience the magic, romance, and soul-stirring beauty that Havana has to offer.

air canada poster
air canada poster


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air canada poster concept 1
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