hill avenue

Client: Hill Avenue(school project)  
Project Deliverable:
Brand Identity
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop


What i did

As the creative force behind Hill Avenue, the non-alcoholic beverage line by Hill Street Beverages, my mission was to introduce their innovative cannabis-infused drinks to the world. I designed a comprehensive marketing campaign, featuring a dynamic popup stand, eye-catching coolers, and distinctive shelf tags.

The new website serves as a digital hub, seamlessly blending bold, friendly, and authentic branding to entice and engage a diverse audience. My goal is to not just launch a product but to create an immersive brand experience, inviting new customers into the vibrant world of Hill Avenue where bold flavors meet authentic connections.

hill street cooler
hill street shelves
hill street website
hill street website
HIllstreet Advertisment
hill street sign

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