in cold blood

Client: Niagara College(school project)
Project Deliverable: Illustration, Editorial

Program: Adobe Illustrator


What i did

In crafting the concept for the book cover of ‘In Cold Blood,’ collage becomes a powerful narrative tool. By juxtaposing newspaper clippings from the actual murders and images of Truman Capote alongside the Clutter family, the cover visually weaves together the grim tapestry of the narrative.

The deliberate omission of heads in the collage serves as an enigmatic choice, inviting readers to delve into the mystery and death encapsulated within the pages. This design, a visual mosaic of crime and intrigue, aims to encapsulate the essence of Capote’s chilling exploration of real-life tragedy and the human condition.

In cold blood flatlay
in cold blood book
in cold blood book

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