asl unite

Client: Niagara College(school project)  
Project Deliverable:
Illustration, Editorial, Web Design, Animation  
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, HTML, CSS, Procreate


What i did

Inspired by the transformative power of language, this project focuses on democratizing access to American Sign Language (ASL) education. Recognizing ASL’s profound role in fostering communication and inclusivity within the Deaf community, these simple yet engaging animations serve as educational tools. By hosting them on Instagram, the project aims to break down barriers, providing a readily accessible platform for individuals to learn ASL at their own pace.

Beyond the immediate benefits of fostering communication within the Deaf community, this initiative underscores the broader advantages of ASL education for everyone, promoting a more inclusive and interconnected society. Join us on Instagram, where language becomes a bridge to understanding and unity.

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